Five Star Building

Five Star Associates, Inc. -- Equipment List.

Manufacturing and Design Services. Machine Shop, Electromechanical Assembly.

Five Star Associates, Inc.

1 Blue Valley Drive
Bangor, PA 18013

Phone: (610) 588-7426
Fax: (610) 599-0408


Our Equipment List.

For a PDF copy of our equipment list click HERE

Machine Shop Equipment:

CNC Mill, Haas TM-1P 30” x 12” x 16” travel.

CNC Lathe Haas SL-20 with Live Tooling milling capability and C-Axis.

Lathe, Logan 400, Manual with 4” chuck.

Surface Grinder, Boyar Schultz 612

6” Bench Grinder

12” Band Saw.

13 1/2” Throat x 10” Height Band Saw.

Horizontal Band Saw with 8 3/4” Diameter Cutting Capacity.

10” Miter Saw.

Arbor Press.

12” Disk and Oscillating Spindle Sander.

34” Deep throat desktop Drill Press.

20” Floor Standing Drill Press.

Mig Welder, Millermatic 254.

Oxygen Acetylene Torches.

PEM Nut Installation, PEMSerter LT/4 Press.

Dual 150 Gallon Air Compressor System.

4000 Lb. Capacity Fork Lift Truck.

2 Ton Electric Hoist.

Glass Bead / Sand Blast cabinet.

Dust Collector System.

Inspection Equipment:

Static Controlled Inspection Station.

Granite inspection tables (2)

Microscope (2).

6” and 12” Dial Calipers.

Dial indicator.

Gauge blocks.

Weight Scales (3).

Magnifying Lamps (Many).

FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera.

Process Equipment:

Encapsulation Vacuum Chamber (2).

Vacuum Pump (2).

Process ovens (3).

Electronics Assembly Equipment:

Static Controlled Assembly Work Stations (7).

Static Controlled Rework Station.

Manual Wave Solder machine.

Infrared Reflow Soldering Oven.

Bobbin Winder, Gorman Simplex S638.

Bobbin Winder, Adams Maxwell 1200 (2).

Toroid Winder, Gorman 920A.

Pneumatic Toroid Pull winder.

Lead Forming, General Production Devices CF-8.

Many Many, Hand soldering stations, Crimp tools, Strippers, Hand tools, etc.

Electronic Test Equipment:

Tektronics TDS3018 Digital Oscilloscope.

Agilent DSO1022A Digital Oscilloscope.

DC Power Supply, Sorenson DC 40-70B, 0-40 VDC, 70 Amp (2).

DC Power Supply, Lambda Gen 40-38, 0 – 40 VDC, 38 Amp (2).

DC Power Supply, Lambda Gen 300-5, 0 – 300 VDC, 5 Amp (2).

DC Power Supply, HP Harrison 6448B, 0-600 VDC, 1.5 Amp.

DC Power Supply, HP 6268B, 0 – 40 VDC, 30 Amp (2).

DC Power Supply, Todd SW28-33SA1, 28 VDC, 33 Amp.

B&K 1730A DC Power Supply, 0 – 30 VDC, 3 Amp.

B&K 1711A DC Power Supply, 0 – 60 VDC, 2 Amp.

3 Phase Variable AC Voltage Source, 14 kVA Multi tap output voltages.

400 Hz Georator 33-004 Generator. 3 phase 120/208 5.0 kVA.

400 Hz 3 Phase Variac.

TDI Dynaload DLM 50-20-100 (50V, 20A, 100W) (x7).

TDI Dynaload DLM 130-5-100 (130V, 5A, 100W) (x4).

Agilent U2002A RF Power Sensors (50MHz – 24GHZ) (x2).

Agilent 11941A Close Field RF Probe (9kHz – 30MHz).

Agilent 11940A Close Field RF Probe (30MHz – 1GHz).

Agilent 346C RF Noise Source (10MHz – 26.5GHz).

Agilent N5183A MXG RF Signal Generator (100 kHz – 20 GHz).

Agilent N9010A EXA Signal Analyzer (9kHz – 26.5GHz).

Magtrol 6530 3 phase Power Analyzer.

Weston 310 Wattmeter.

Environmental test chamber, 3' x 3' x 3' inside dimensions.

+100°C - -54°C, Sea Level – 60,000 Ft Altitude.

Chiller, Temtek CF-5A, 5 Ton.

Hipot Tester, Phenix PAD1025 10 kVAC / 25kVDC.

Hipot Tester, Hipotronics, 40 kV DC.

Hipot Tester, Hipotronics, 20 kV AC.

Omega ACC-103 / ACC-PSI Accelerometer.

Digital Multimeters (Many).

Misc Small DC Power Supplies (Many).

Audio Oscillator, HP 200AB.

Pulse Generator, HP8112.

Multifunction Counter, Tenma, 72-465.

LCR Bridge, HP 4274A.

Turns Ratio Bridge, Venable 2002.

Loop Stability Analyzer System, Venable 250.